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Mountain Bike in mid-air

Family Friendly Bike Park
in Corton, Suffolk

Cyclists stopped for a break at Skillz Bike Park in Corton

about Skillz

Skillz Bike Park is designed to be a fun way to develop cycling skill sets and allow riders to hone the qualities that a mountain bike rider will need to eventually enjoy a whole mountain biking experience or cross country ride.

We’re not all about huge gap jumps and massive jump lines, in fact almost everything here can be safely rolled.

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Why Choose Skillz Bike Park in Corton?

We don’t have any trails officially graded but we know after speaking with riders there are features here that are great fun for accomplished experts but mainly intermediate down to beginners and particularly those looking for a family friendly bike park. 


Basically think of us as a “skate board park for bikes” where riders can drop into a line from where ever they want, some features can even be ridden two ways so you really do get a big ride experience.


We loved hearing from riders how they loved the exclusivity of having the whole venue to themselves with so many features to play on. 


Especially families who have the space to teach their little ones the ropes without fear of judgement.

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