Most big bike parks will have a skills area with features that you will typically find out on a mountain big ride.  Thats basically what we’ve put together hence our name ! 


We don’t have any trails officially graded but we know after speaking with riders there are features here that are great fun for accomplished experts but mainly intermediate down to beginners and families.  Basically think “skate board park” where riders can drop into a line from where ever they want, some features can even be ridden two ways so you really do get a big ride experience.


We loved hearing from riders how they loved the exclusivity of having the whole venue to themselves with so many features to play on.  Especially families where quite often dad would be teaching mum and his children in a safe and not intimidating place.

What the Bike Park contains...

As we dug lines we began to see potential for new options which ended up with us going crazy creating features such as :


  • Pump track

  • Gap jumps

  • Ladder drops

  • Rock garden

  • North shore

  • Jumps

  • Wall ride


  • Dual slalom track ( race your mates ! )

  • Huge two way booster ramp

  • Rough downhill segments

  • Wild enduro

  • Short XC trail 

  • Bimble beginners trail

  • Most features are rollable or with a safe get out 

Skillz Bike Park is designed to develop skill sets that you as a mountain bike rider will need to enjoy a whole mountain experience or cross country riding whilst adventuring with your bike. We’re not about huge gap jumps and massive jump lines almost everything here can be safely rolled .


Yes we do have jumps who doesn’t like getting airborne ! The jumps we do have have all been designed for you to improve on by practicing them at your pace.

That said if you are an advanced rider there are plenty of great features which have been designed with you in mind too.

The main thing we believe in is progression at the same time giving you the opportunity to develop whilst having fun and all in a compact area which is exclusively yours for 3 hours where you won’t feel intimidated by more advanced riders. The perfect stepping stone from beginning the sport to becoming a competent all round rider.

"Great venue for progression for any ability and yes Chris really is genuinely passionate about riding and it rubs off on anyone that meets him"

- Matty 

"Great to see this sort of venue in Norfolk well done all involved! "

- Ian Wakefield

“Incredible, compact, brilliant... Everyone riding really gets to know each other and it creates a real sense of  community where. everyone is encouraged to enjoy themselves.