Safety Equipment

  • All Skillz Bike Park and Trail riders must wear the minimum safety equipment of a cycle helmet meeting EN1078. We strongly recommend using full face helmet and body armour in addition to gloves and glasses to provide an increased level of protection. If you do not have the right safety equipment you cannot ride in the park.

Your Bike

  • All riders should use a bike suitable for the style of riding encountered in the Bike Park and Trails. Riders must ensure that their bike is mechanically sound and well maintained before riding in the Bike Park and that both front and rear brakes are working correctly, it is illegal to have only one working brake and anyone found will not be allowed to ride. Skillz Bike Park accepts no liability for rider accidents or equipment damage caused by equipment failure - all riders accept responsibility for making sure that their bike is safe to ride in the park.

Rider Responsibility

  • Riders have a "duty of care" to other riders, to not endanger them by careless actions or undertaking dangerous activities within the Bike Park such as walking back up trails or entering any areas clearly marked as "closed or no entry". Never ride trails that you feel are beyond your capability. We ask that all riders exercise common sense at all times and never ride alone in the park.

Park and trail rules

  • Keep to the marked trails

  • Please obey no-entry signs. Do not ride or walk back up a trail. Please use the push up tracks or climbs to return to the top of the trails / line start.

  • Do not stop on a feature or on the run-out of a trail as you may cause a serious accident to a rider coming down behind you.

  • Riders must only be riding trails in the direction that they are intended.

  • Do not skid; skidding frequently shows a lack of bike control and causes damage to the trail surface which adds to the cost of maintaining the Bike Park.

  • Occasionally trails will be closed for repair work, please respect this and do not use them.

  • When riding on a busy day, please try to keep a space between you and other riders.

  • Please show consideration for other riders at all times and always be aware of other riders around you, let faster riders pass when it is safe to do so

  • We won't tolerate drugs or alcohol at the trails, you will be removed from the site and your membership may be cancelled.

  • Please place all of your litter in your bags or use the bins provided - littering will not be tolerated.

  • • If you find any broken woodwork or damaged trail sections, please inform a member of staff immediately so that we can make repairs.

  • No trail building or alterations without Skillz Management approval and supervision.

  • Please respect the environment around the trails and do not attempt to remove or modify any bushes

  • Dogs are not allowed on the trails and must always be kept on the lead when at the park.

  • No climbing on trees.

  • No camping unless agreed and paid for.

  • No barbecues unless this has been agreed with the Skillz management .

  • No fires unless it is in designated areas and permission has been given.

  • Anyone who is abusive to others or to the wildlife will be banned and depending on the seriousness of the issue maybe reported to the police

  • No bike riding in the yard area or areas outside the main Skillz area.

  • Do not ride your bike whilst you are intoxicated – please leave this until you are off your bike.